On a weekly basis we see companies that come to us for help, still buying all their components from the big catalogue type distributors at very high prices. As our clients grow and their component usage increases it makes sense to move to the most cost effective distributors and manufacturers thereby increasing your production profits.

Our service is aimed at those small companies that are growing rapidly and could really use the help of an experienced electronic component buyer but are perhaps not yet at the stage they can afford such a person. It could be that the production runs are infrequent and it would not justify at this stage a full time employee, no doubt that stage will come.

So in the meantime how can you save on production costs, it has to be on the bill of materials and that’s where you need an individual with over 35 years experience of the component market. Mr Russ Harrington joined Marconi Communications in 1976 . By 1980 he was working in their buying office with sole responsibility for electromechanical components. On leaving Marconi's he has worked for various components manufacturers and distributors and has run Global Electronics since 1990. What we offer here is the chance to use that knowledge. Charged on a day or weekly rate Russ would advise you of all the main franchised distributors around the world that you can contact and set up your supply routes to save you production cost but also to help you locate components when the local distributors are quoting long lead times.

In short he will pass on all his knowledge and once you have your supply routes set up , we leave the client to benefit from that information for years to come. It’s a massive assistance to those companies in growth to reduce their material costs and help with continued growth.

If you would like to discuss this further you can email Russ an outline what you are looking to achieve and hopefully we can assist you in growing your business.

This is a service we offer on a daily or weekly rate and would not expect to become a supplier. The fun for us would be to open clients eyes to see what they can save by having a wider knowledge of the electronic component market